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The above inquiry does not constitute a booking.

We will send an offer to your inquiry in writing. The offer and the business terms specified on the website are deemed accepted when advance payment has been made.
You can finalise booking if you make the specified advance payment within 72 hours. You may not choose the room number, which may be changed during booking.
Check-in from 14:00, check-out until 10:00.
The rooms may be occupied until 20:00 at the latest, dinner is served until 20:00!
On arrival day after 8:00 PM we can only give a cold dinner.
Arrival after 8:00 PM only in case of prior written agreement and payment for any delayed extra hour of 15 EUR / person

Mit der Senden dieser Anfrage erteile ich meine Einwilligung in die Verarbeitung und Speicherung meiner freiwillig zur Verfügung gestellten personenbezogenen Daten nach Maßgabe der Datenschutzerklärung der PG Tourismus OG.
Die Datenschutzerklärung können Sie hier herunterladen.